Say hello to two Storm superfans!

As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations, we caught up with some of our Club's biggest fans! 

Meet Bernie and Samantha – two huge Storm fans who have followed Storm’s journey from the very beginning.

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

Bernie: My name is Bernie and I'm a Learning Diversity leader (Special Ed) in a primary school. I’m a born and bred Melbournian. 

Samantha: I’m Samantha Shaw, I work as an Emergency Response team leader. 

Which team do you support and how long have you been a fan? 

Bernie: I've supported Storm since its inception. I used to love going to Olympic Park and now love going to AAMI – these two venues helped me convert my husband!

Samantha: I’m a Melbourne Storm foundation member. 

What does your Club mean to you? 

Bernie: Storm means many things to me – firstly, pride - bringing out the best in all parts of the Storm community, the players, coaches, support staff and fans. It's about mate-ship and solidarity through the good times (Premierships) and the challenging times (2010). 

Lastly, it's about friendships made – I've crossed paths from those from all walks of life, and we all share a common bond - our Storm. 

Samantha: For me, it’s about pride. I feel it and I feel like the team feels it! 

Who do you come to games with? Do you recognise other fans when you come to games? 

Bernie: I come with my husband. We sit up in the Clubhouse in the same spot every home game. We used to stay in General Admission but over the last few years, as we’ve got older and colder, we moved upstairs. It is in the Clubhouse where you get to know others well and have a chat before and after the game. We are armchair experts naturally. 

Samantha: I come with a friend; we generally tend to sit near the same people although naturally some seem to have moved over the years.  

What’s your favourite moment at AAMI Park over the years and why? 

Bernie: Favourite moments are hard – there are so many! Cam Smith's milestones, Billy's farewell, the introduction of new players onto the field, saying farewell to other players but most of all I think for me it would have to be ANZAC Day games. 

The blackout, anthems, hakka, the reverence shown by Warriors, Storm and the crowd. AAMI is an intimate setting for this. 

Samantha: Any golden point win, milestone game and THAT 2010 press conference. 

What makes AAMI Park stand out from other stadiums? 

Bernie: For myself and my husband, the standout at AAMI Park is the size – he doesn‘t do large crowds, but AAMI has vantage points from all sections of the stands.   

Samantha: It’s not a bad place to watch a game! I’ve sat in a few different spots for different events and had a good view from each place. 

What’s one thing that you’d like to happen at AAMI Park over the next 10 years? I.e. sporting events, club milestones, concerts you’d like to see. 

Bernie: I’d love to have an NRL Grand Final held at AAMI Park and for Storm to win!! I'm a dreamer. 

Samantha: I’d like to see the statues of our 2 club future immortals go up out the front.