Accessibility Information

For AAMI Park, access to the stadium for those with reduced mobility is via Olympic Boulevard – there is no other access. You can see where this is located on the map of the precinct

Guests with reduced mobility will usually find that their tickets say to enter via gate 2 or 7: both have an accessible turnstile.    

Gates 4 (Olympic Park Room/Corporate Dining) and 5 (Corporate Suites) also have an accessible turnstile for reduced mobility guests ticketed for level 2 corporate areas.  

You can find passenger drop-off areas at entrance E (for gate 5 or 7) and entrance F (for gate 4 or 2). Just a heads up, there is strictly no parking – it's drop off only here. 


Accessible Parking is booked through Ticketek on their Accessible Seating Hotline: (03) 9286 1208. We’d recommend booking parking in advance to avoid disappointment. 


External lifts can be found west on entrance E (City side) and east on entrance F (Richmond side) to take guests from ground level to level 1 external concourse and gates 2 or 7.  

If your tickets mention level 2 – Olympic Park Room – Corporate Dining or level 3 aisles 1-10, go to lift 1, 2 & 3 (aisle 7).  

If your tickets mention level 2 – Corporate Suites or level 3 aisles 21-30, go to lifts 4 and 5 (aisle 24). 

Braille buttons are available on lifts.


Wheelchair bays and accessible seating must be pre-booked through the Melbourne Park Accessible Seating service:

  • Reach them by phone on 03 9286 1208; 
  • Submit a request to be contacted online by clicking this link. The Melbourne Park Accessible Seating team will contact you to finalise the transaction. 

If there’s still availability, you can also get your tickets on the day from the accessible ticket window – Ticket Sales F (east) or Ticket Sales E (west) on Ground Level.  

If you have booked standard seating, but have an accessibility requirement, please let us know as soon as possible by calling the Melbourne Park Accessible Seating service. If you arrive at an event with an accessibility requirement which was not accounted for at time of booking, our team will do what they can to re-locate you to an appropriate area, however this may not always be possible.


There are plenty of wheelchair accessible seating bays (which are 800 x 1200cm). These bays have wheelchair space and a spare seat next to them for a friend or relative. 

There are 150 wheelchair bays throughout the stadium: 

Level 1 - 96 spaces; 
Level 2 - Corporate Dining - 6 spaces; 
Level 3 - 48 spaces. 


There are lots of accessible toilets (larger, wider cubicle with a door opening outwards) available.

Here’s where you can find them: 

Level 1 - aisles 3, 18, 23 and 37; 
Level 2 - aisles 2/3, 8 and opposite suites 5 and 20; 
Level 3 - aisles 10 and 21.