The Artists

Alexander Knox

Alexander Knox is an award winning Melbourne based artist whose public art projects have become a key part of of the Victorian capital’s visual landscape. In the last eight years he has produced over a dozen major public works nationally and has been the recipient of two of the most prestigious sculpture awards in Australia; the 2008 Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture and the 2006 Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award.

Knox’s diverse art practice draws on a wide range of ideas and influences from nature, history and the contemporary world. He looks for ways to communicate multi-layered ideas of place and meaning though a coded and sensorial language of light, movement and form within the public realm. His sculptural installations employ a multitude of mediums and technologies in an effort to dynamically engage with their public while exploring a sites historical, environmental and cultural context. His works include kinetic sculptures, architecturally integrated art, large free standing sculptures, programmed and interactive lighting installations and sound-scapes. Through these processes Knox explores issues relating to perception, identity and subjectivity within the immersive culture of the contemporary public spectacle.

Knox' current projects include a major kinetic sculpture for the new Melbourne’s Royal Children's Hospital, a large scale sculptural installation and light work for the National Ice Sports Centre in Melbourne’s Docklands and a free standing sculpture and light work located on Adelaide Avenue near Canberra's Capital Hill.

Bruce Ramus


To involve and engage a community in the ancient ritual of theatre, to honour the history of place, and to provide an opening in the media to present the spirit of the community.


I have extensive experience in creating and producing advanced media experiences for theatrical and architectural environments. I have designed and directed international live shows and events for 30 years, including rock bands U2, R.E.M., David Bowie, Bryan Adams, David Byrne, Savage Garden, James Brown, television shows including the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, MTV Awards and Super Bowl Halftime Shows. Recently, I have installed large-scale projections on the Sydney Opera House, a small-scale ‘light forest’ installation in Federation Square, Melbourne, and created visual content for Melbournes Aami Park Stadium new LED roof. I am currently a Design Mentor at the Sydney Opera House, and a Guest Lecturer in Urban Digital Media at the University Technology Sydney.

Design Approach

My work is about connections. I design installations as luminous interactive sculptures, both permanent and temporary, practical and whimsical. I seek to animate the environment with light and moving images. I believe that dynamic media installations can contribute significantly to the relationship between local and global culture, between indigenous and emerging cultures, between the artistic community and the public-at-large.